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Top Rated Pet Products 2017

#1. Pet Cube


Petcube is one of the coolest and most innovative pet products to ever hit the market. Initially the company built the Petcube Play, an interactive pet cam that took the pet industry by storm. Pet parents loved their app because they not only got to check on their best friends while they were away but also play with them. Recently, Petcube released, Petcube Bites, an interactive treat cam to feed your pets from anywhere. There is lots to bark and purr about and Petcube has really outdone themselves with cool tech and a product well worth every penny!

#2. Whistle


In our #2 spot is Whistle. Whistle has long been innovating in pet tech with its GPS pet tracker. Countless pet parents rave about the tracker and on some accounts even boast having their pets lives saved. With the launch of Whistle 3, the pet tracker got even smarter. In fact, they say its for, “Smarter Pet People.” Whistle 3 uses a combination of GPS and Cellular signal to make tracking your pet even “smarter.” With Whistle, pet parents can safe guard their four legged best friends with state of the art technology while keeping them healthy and full of life.

#3. CleverPet


CleverPet is like a game console designed with your pet in mind. This innovative product was designed by neuroscientists that love animals. The product helps engage your pet’s mind with puzzles that keep them challenged while rewarding them with kibble once they solve them.

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