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Review for PetPlan Pet Insurance
Peace of mind

My vet once told me he wished all his clients had pet insurance because a lot of times, the client can’t afford treatment for their pet. I can only imagine how difficult that must be to not have the money to give your pet the treatment he needs. So, pet insurance of course saves you money but it also gives you peace of mind that you can afford the best veterinary medicine has to offer.

Review for Healthy Paws Pet Insurance
Pet insurance is a must

We’ve had Healthy Paws for our dog since 2010 and while I’ve never totalled up how much it has saved us, I know it’s well over $10,000. My wife recently counted the number of claims we’ve submitted in 7 years and it totaled 44 claims! Our dog Chilly has severe skin allergies and a kidney condition that means vet visits almost every month. It doesn’t just save us money, it allows our vet to do whatever protocol is best for our dog.

Review for PetPlan Pet Insurance
PetPlan saved me over $10,000 in vet bills

Since 6 months old, we insured our Freckles with PetPlan. I can say that it was the best decision my wife and I made. The premiums I paid to date versus the cost of the vet bills…lets just say I felt like I got the best deal ever! Pet insurance isnt just another bill, it’s your pet’s life. Its those times you go to the vet and say, $1,000 for what?? Not me. PetPlan has given my Freckles a chance at a full life after knee surgery!

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