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RATING: 9.5 (196 reviews)*

FIGO Pet Insurance

  • Backed by top-rated insurance underwriter with very generous coverage options.
  •  Three flexible plans include coverage for prescription medications, veterinary exam fees, behavioral care with limits, all genetic conditions, and optional 100% reimbursement with no annual limits.
  • Covers holistic and alternative therapies if performed by a licensed vet.
  • Pet Cloud Apps for on the go busy pet parents. Easily manage your pet’s health from anywhere.
  • An exam within the previous 12 months is required to determine any pre-existing conditions.

Best Overall

Top rated technology (Figo Pet Cloud), exceptional customer support (text is an option) and coverage options is what makes Figo Pet Insurance our top pick! Figo is for busy pet parents who need the peace of mind and the perks that exceed typical pet insurance options on the market. Their website is very thorough in explaining the benefits of their insurance and the sample policies for cats and dogs makes the decision making process very easy.

Top Ratings

“Exceptional service from a company and individuals who care about your fur babies. I recommend them to anyone who loves their fur babies.”

Verified 5 star review on TrustPilot

Figo Pet Cloud App

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RATING: 9.6 (169 reviews)*

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance

  • Excellent customer reviews.
  • No restrictions on plans that cover genetic conditions and alternative therapies.
  • Plan limitations include veterinary exam fees.
  •  Pets 8 years of age and older can enroll only to $500 deductible with 70% reimbursement plan.
  • Offers a mobile app and paperless claims.

Runner Up

Healthy Paws came in as a strong runner up to Figo. Their single plan offers comprehensive coverage that makes it hard to pass up. Best of all, their is no limit as to how much the plan can reimburse in a year. However, it does not cover exam fees. The only detractor we found is that Healthy Paws’s coverage seems to cater more to small dogs than large dogs. A 12 month waiting period for Hip Dysplasia (common among large breeds) which is also not covered if you enroll your pet after 6 years of age. Overall, Healthy Paws is still a great option especially considering they offer easy claims from their app.

Great Ratings

“Choosing Healthy Paws as our pet insurance was one of the smartest things we’ve done. Claims are processed quickly, coverage is great and a really important thing is their customer service. It is great. They really care.”

Verified 5 star review on TrustPilot

About Healthy Paws

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RATING: 9.4 (534 reviews)*


  • Excellent customer service and fast claim reimbursement
  • Use any veterinarian in the US or Canada
  • Plans include comprehensive illness & accident coverage including veterinary exam fees! Plus all hereditary and chronic conditions, alternative therapies (without riders and extra costs), prescription medications and nutraceuticals, periodontal disease coverage and dental injury, and behavioral treatment for pets of any age.
  • 24/7 live customer support plus free “fetch a vet” veterinary inquiry app.
  • Fast, paperless claims available via Petplan mobile app and online.
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RATING: 9.4 (232 reviews)*

Pets Best Pet Health Insurance

  • Plans include extensive coverage, including behavioral care, genetic conditions, hip dysplasia, and alternative therapy (some restrictions apply).
  • Pregnancy is covered for most breeds.
  • There is a $2 monthly installment fee.
  • No lost pets coverage
  • Mobile App to file claims instantly

RATING: 9.3 (1129 reviews)*

Embrace Pet Insurance

  • Plans cover all genetic conditions, behavioral care, and experimental treatments.
  • Bi-lateral coverage is included for first time policy holders.
  • Has one of the best reimbursement models by subtracting the deductible and then the co-pay.
  • Requires an initial exam to get enrolled.
  • Prescription medication is only covered if directly administered by a veterinarian; otherwise requires an optional Prescription Drug Coverage.
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RATING: 9.2 (457 reviews)*

ASPCA Pet Health Insurance

petfirst Logo (1)

RATING: 7.6 (127 reviews)*


  • Plans include extensive coverage, including genetic conditions, bi-lateral, alternative therapies, and prescription medications.
  • Has a per-incident deductible.
  • Low customer review ratings.
  • Offers a healthy pet discount.

RATING: 6.6 (89 reviews)*

Nationwide Pet Insurance

  •  The first and largest pet health insurer in the U.S. (known formerly as VPI).
  • Offers dog, cat, bird, and exotic pet insurance.
  • Has low customer reviews that carrier attributes to discontinued plans.
  •  Offers Whole Pet with Wellness plan that provides comprehensive coverage, including routine care and wellness, at a premium price.
  • Provides 24/7 veterinary phone support for urgent medical emergencies or pet health questions (free and unlimited for members).
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RATING: 9.5 (1339 reviews)*


  • A large, publicly traded pet insurance provider.
  • Coverage includes all genetic conditions and prescription medications (no restrictions).
  • There’s a per-incident deductible.
  • Doesn’t cover veterinary exam fees.
  • Enrollment requires a $35 sign-up fee for the first pet on the policy.
  • Provides a 24/7 customer support line.
  • Offers direct payments to veterinarians instead of reimbursement to customers.
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RATING: 8.6 (11 reviews)*


  • One of the newest pet insurance providers on the market.
  • Plan levels 3 & 4 offer excellent coverage, including genetic conditions and alternative therapies.
  • There are per incident limits of $2,500 to $7,000 on all plans.
  • There is a monthly installment fee.
  • The only provider to offer dog liability insurance.

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*Ratings by PetInsuranceReview and TrustPilot, June 2017
**Premium averages for three year old, mixed breed dog, $200 deductible, 90% remibursement with maximum coverage and limits.

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