About epetsure

How are we different from other pet insurance sites?

epetsure™ is not a pet insurance carrier. We are an independent and objective source of information and education for pet parents. Our goal is to provide pet parents with the tools and resources they need in order to make informed decisions about their pets’ healthcare.

How do we choose which insurance companies to work with?

epetsure™ monitors and objectively presents all pet insurance companies in order to provide pet parents the most comprehensive coverage available.  It is up to the pet parents to select the most viable provider and plan for their pets’ needs.

Who can I speak to if I have questions?

epetsure™ is happy to answer any questions. Please visit our Contact Us page, and a member of our customer service team will be in touch with you shortly.

About Pet Insurance

Is pet insurance worth it?

Notwithstanding our own biased opinions, pet insurance is something that all pet parents can benefit from. Most pet insurance policies cover up to 90% of accident or illnesses that can occur. Similarly, most policies pay out in less than a week. Pet insurance helps bring peace of mind to pet parents worried about expensive vet bills.

How much does pet insurance cost?

On average, most plans cost about $1 a day. However, there are 5 factors that determine how much you will pay:

The average for all dogs = $32 monthly

The average for all cats = $22 monthly

How does the price affect the coverage?

Less expensive policies tend to provide less coverage.

How much will my prices go up?

As your pet gets older, the price will usually increase about 10% every year.

Does pet insurance cover pre-existing conditions?

No. Unfortunately, just like every other insurance company, (human, car, property, etc…) pet insurance companies do not cover pre-existing conditions.

However, pets with pre-existing conditions can be insured. In cases like this, pet insurance will pay for any accident and/or illness not related to the pre-existing conditions.

Some insurance providers will cover a condition after it’s cured for some time (6-12 months).

Check out our blog, which has a more in-depth look at pre-existing conditions.

What is a bi-lateral condition?

The best way to explain this is by example. If a dog injures its right hind leg and requires surgery, then the bi-lateral condition would be if the dog injured the left hind leg in the same way and required the same kind of surgery on that leg, as well.

How do pet insurance claims work?

Because pet insurance is considered a type of property insurance, pet parents must pay the vet bill out of pocket for with most pet insurances, and then submit their claim to the pet insurance company for a reimbursement. Trupanion is the only pet insurance that offers an option to pay the hospital directly, so you’re not out of pocket for the entire bill.

Will my new pet insurance work with my current veterinarian?

Yes. Because of how pet insurance works, pet parents can choose any licensed veterinarian to work with.

What about exotic pets?

Currently, the only pet insurance that covers exotic pets is Nationwide Pet. Most exotic pet illnesses are due to diet and/or environmental issues, making their diseases more predictable. Therefore, when selecting an insurance coverage for an exotic pet, make sure the plan covers the most diseases associated with your specific pet, and that the monetary payout will help cover the costs in your geographical location.

When does coverage start?

Most pet insurance companies have three different waiting periods so it’s important to understand when coverage starts for each type of claim.

  • The waiting period for accidents ranges from 0 – 15 days.
  • The waiting period for illnesses ranges from 14 – 30 days.
  • The orthopedic waiting period ranges from 3 to 12 months.

What kinds of coverage are available?

There are 3 primary types of pet insurance available:

  • Accident Only Policy – covers accidents only; doesn’t cover medical costs from illnesses.
  • Accident and Illness Policy – most popular
  • Wellness and Routine Care – most providers offer this plan to be purchased as an add-on; Nationwide is the only exception we know of that allows pet parents to buy a pet wellness(SM) plan alone.

What are the coverage levels presented through epetsure™?

epetsure™ research team has compiled all of the plans available on the market and bunched them into the following coverage levels:  Accident Only, Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each coverage level has its own deductible, reimbursement and coverage levels.

How does epetsure™ ranking and recommendation system work?

epetsure™ uses a proprietary ranking algorithm to rank Plans (and separately Providers).  We evaluate multiple factors from the list below with weights assigned to each by our expert teams.

We then use our proprietary algorithm to come up with a rank based on the above factors and weights.  Our algorithm is always a work in progress as we continue incorporating our users’ feedback.

How do I file a claim?

After you collect all of your vet bills after your pet’s treatment, fill out your carrier’s claim form and submit it along with the attached vet bills. Once the company reviews your claim, they will send you a reimbursement check or direct deposit. This usually takes between 5-10 days after you file a claim.


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