5 Reasons Your Puppy Needs Pet Insurance


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Getting a new puppy is pretty high up on the list of greatest things in the world. While they are adorable and sweet, they also come at a bit of a price. After the obligatory adoption fee, crate, food, puppy pads, toys and other essentials, you also have to take proper veterinary care into consideration. There’s the cost of vaccinations and spaying or neutering, but that’s not all. At some point, your new puppy is probably going to eat something it shouldn’t, or it could have an underlying condition you’re not aware of yet. This is why pet insurance is a big help when caring for a new puppy.

Here are 5 reasons you should get pet insurance for your new puppy.

  1. Your premium is lower. Pet insurance rates are based on age, breed and location, so younger pets are cheaper to insure than their older counterparts!
  2. Covering future conditions. Pet insurance doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions, so it’s wise to get coverage before your puppy shows any symptoms or is diagnosed with an illness or issue.
  3. Puppies eat things they shouldn’t. Foreign body surgeries are expensive and, unfortunately, very common for puppies. The average vet bill for a foreign body surgery is $1,060. Depending on the pet insurance plan you choose, you can get 70%-90% of that back.
  4. Coverage for puppy-related expenses. Adding routine care to your pet insurance policy can help with spaying and neutering procedures and vaccines, especially considering these procedures usually cost more and are implemented when the pet is younger.
  5. Insurance for life-long conditions. Chronic conditions like diabetes, allergies and cancer can really rack up costs throughout your pet’s life. By getting a pet insurance policy when your puppy is young, you’re guaranteed reimbursement for these issues throughout your dog’s life.


Just like health insurance and car insurance, not all policies and providers are the same. So, when you’re deciding on the right pet insurance provider for your puppy, make sure they’re going to cover chronic conditions and your puppy’s breed. Also make sure they’ll continue to cover your dog throughout its life, even into old age. PetFirst pet insurance covers all breeds and ages with no lifetime or per-incident limits, meaning there’s no need to worry that your pup won’t be covered!

Here are few more highlights of the great coverage benefits you’ll receive with PetFirst:

  • Accident & illness coverage that includes breed-specific, congenital and chronic care
  • Coverage for bilateral conditions
  • No additional wait period on hip dysplasia, patella luxations or orthopedic conditions
  • Covers unlimited foreign body ingestions per year
  • Periodontal disease covered
  • Cruciates covered after 12-months on plan
  • Reimbursement for holistic care or alternative therapies

For even more tips and advice for your puppy, download our New Pet Guide. Interested in insuring your pup? Get a free pet insurance quote!

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